Wednesday, September 16, 2009

California and Super Girl 3

On September 3rd I embarked on an awesome journey with a good friend of mine. Luke Miller and I grew up together through school and he was kind enough to join me on a road trip through California so I could attend a competition in Los Angeles.    We made our way down to the Red Woods where we explored the forest and camped there to spend the night.  The next day we started driving on route 101 and route 1 that runs along the entire coast of California.  I couldn't help but stop a million times to enjoy the beautiful views and take in the ocean air. After a full day of driving we arrived at San Francisco late in the evening just in time to join some friends at the bar.  However, instead of hanging out in the bar we were swigging a bottle of vodka on the street with some of the bums of San Fran. Our friends were kind enough to host us for the evening.  The next day was another full day of driving through many twists and turns until we finally arrived in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.  I had to keep saturday night mellow considering the next day was a competition day for me, but I have to say the next day was amazing.  I got up and met up with Diana Distrolla, team manager for and a few other team members.  The set up looked fun, it was a single rail that came down some stairs with two sticky wooden boxes on each side.  The caliber of girls that were there was amazing. It was an honor to ride with all of the girls and it was so motivating for me.  Fellow shredbetties riders were killing it, Madison and Erika really impressed me and I am stoked to see their careers take off.  I didn't place in the competition, but I still had a blast and left with an experience of a life time.  There was an after party on top of the roof at the hotel right there on the beach.  I got to meet the producer of our up coming documentary for shredbetties.  Eventually the night was full of shenanigans and I was stoked to get to spend more time with my team mates to get to know them better.  The next day Luke and I made our way down to Laguna Beach.  Erika's mom has a house down there and Michelle Shea and Diana joined.  We got to enjoy the beach for the day and Erika's mom made some killer burritos for dinner.  Our final destination for the evening was a friend of Luke's in San Diego.  The next two days were filled with surfing and doing absolutely nothing but sitting on the beaches.  However, the fun had to come to an end as I needed to make my way back to Whistler for business.  On our way back north we stayed at my time share in Clear Lake which is in Sanoma County.  Luke was sweet enough to take me on some wine tours and we had an awesome dinner at a Chinese restaurant that was right on the water.  Overall, the trip will always be imprinted in my heart.