Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mt. Hood Meadows and Kona Lager's Pond Skim

April 25th was a really frigid day to be holding a pond skim.  The objective of the event is to clear a 100 foot long pool of water that is even colder than the air.  The objective may be to skim the pond, but this is really a costume contest.  So really, the objective is to have the most elaborate costume that will not inhibit you from making the cross.  Due to lack of time and care for preparing  a costume, I kept it pretty basic and unoriginal. The first time around was a breeze.  I successfully made if to the other side.  Thank god, I don't think I would have been able to handle being wet and cold.  It was cold enough when you were dry.  Second time around, I was almost going to go swimming, but my determination to stay dry helped me to force myself above the water.  The competition was fun, but I think that next year I'll stear away from the gaper show.  

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